There is something comforting about this picture…

I just discovered this photo in my daily cruise through the blogs to which I subscribe…I looked at it several times.  Everytime I looked at it, there was a sense of peace and calm that came over me.  There is nothing better than having assurance and a presence in your life that give you the feeling that all will be “OK.”  In our faith community, we just finished a three month study of the book of Revelation…craziness aside, the book’s main proclamation is that God will have the final say in all matters that concern His creation.  The book begins with a snapshot of the glory of the Risen Jesus and ends with the words, “I make all things new…I am coming soon.”  That’s a huge promise when life goes crazy…I need that!  Daily, weekly, moment by moment.  Take a peek…how does this photo feel to you?


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