Components of mDNA…

For friends who are living a Kingdom journey along with Vicky and me, Alan Hirsch has been a "online" friend, companion, coach and encourager. His books have prophetically spoken to 1000's across the globe and he has personally been used by the Spirit to be able to continue the pressing conversation of how followers of Jesus live the mission of God in today's culture and world. This video is really a compilation of a series of videos Alan did for the Verge ministry…the video outlines all of the components of "mDNA" (missional or mission-driven DNA) that needs to be implanted and realized within faith communities to be able to insure faithfulness to the call and commission of Jesus. I've posted it here for two reasons: one, there are leaders within my faith community in Washington state that I am leading through Alan's book, The Forgotten Ways. It is best to summarize the components of mDNA by simply allowing people to hear Alan describe them personally. The other reason is that it is simply good to do so…for any of you who haven't seen these components spoken of before, they are foundational in allowing the Spirit of God to release Kingdom potential into and through any gathering of Christ followers.  May the power of the resurrected Lord be released in and through us as we serve Him in our spheres of influence and relationships to HIS glory!

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