Why would I post something like this? NOT what you think…

AimagesOk, I'm a guitar player!  In fact, there were many years that a Marshall Triple channel combo was my "weapon of choice."  In fact, when I rig up my Mesa amp (which has a 30 watt output) and turn it on, there are aspects of that classic Marshall sound that I'm missing.  Now, I must tell you…I'm no amp purist.  Truth be known, I play my acoustic guitar more these days than my electric rig.  Oh, I have pals on the internet that EXCLUSIVELY play their electric rigs…Karl and Tim, you know who you are!  And yes, there are times that I'm envious…but I have accepted my lot in life and find joy in restringing my Martin or Taylor because I've been beating them to death for weeks.  So, a refrigerator designed to look like a classic Marshall stack, got my attention!  AND NO…it has nothing with the young lady who is being shamelessly used to sell something that TRUE guitarists would have chosen on their own…for me, a cute bunny rabbit or puppy crawling over it would have been just fine for me!  But you know what I mean…it is the amp and it is the useability is unmistakable.  So, before you jump to a conclusion and accuse me of "whatever", here's my quick reassurance to you – I like the refrigerator.  Really!  That's all!  Need I say more???

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