I really don’t have much to say today…but while I’m typing…

Nothing-to-sayThis morning the sun is actually peeking its way through the clouds here in Monroe, Washington…it's Monday and my normal time to do some blogging.  As a person who reads like a ravenous wolf and who writes constantly, sometimes it is actually a difficult task to keep banging out new stuff.  Truthfully, my head and heart feel like they are on the "explosion" edge when days like this pop up and I take a quick scan of my inner resources and come up empty.  I shouldn't be hard on myself…but I find myself being so at times.  I remember a youth worker when I was young (very young, in fact) using that familiar cliche, "garbage in, garbage out."  Usually it was used as a phrase to help someone monitor and reign in the stuff they jam into their mind and hearts as well as serve as a warning that what you put INTO your heart comes out in some way.  Well, you would think that the plethora of bible passages, great theological works, and the massive amounts of blogs/news posts, etc. that I expose myself to on a daily basis would NET some sort of creative thought or at least some blog post that might interest a reader.  But today…alas, nothing!  Oh, I could talk about the fact that I watched a youtube video on Dinesh D'souza's new film coming up this summer on the President…or that I spend 30 minutes this morning playing Matt Redman's song, 10000 Reasons, over and over again in moments of worship…or that I need to spend some time today reflecting and contemplating the "status" of our faith community's journey now that it has been over a year and a half of Vicky and me "on the ground."  All those things are excellent fodder for a decent post…but nothing's coming.  I guess life, real life, daily life isn't always that noteworthy.  Considering the bombardment that we experience day by day…the texts, tweets, posts, blogs, radio and television blasts as well as phone calls that hammer away at our souls, you might expect one to implode.  Maybe that's the message for today…maybe that's the word that all of us need to wrestle with…peace.  I know a person who is fasting from most of the internet "input" into their lives this lenten season…doesn't sound like too bad of an idea.  Here's a gut check – disconnect for ONE day and monitor how you feel.  I know for me, I walk by my Iphone and I look…afraid to miss a text…anxious about forgetting an appointment…curious to look at one new video.  That's a problem…that's why the word might be, "be still, my soul be still."  

You know, maybe when you feel like you don't have much to say…maybe you should just stop…

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