So, I decided I would be blatantly honest…

AngryBirds-1.5 AyviphoneOk, so I'm speaking and teaching…I'm becoming MORE AND MORE the technological wonder that I've always aspired to be.  I have my wireless mouse in one hand…my MacBook Pro is burning some good ole "fossil-fueled empowered energy" and working the best presentation software on the planet…I'm playing around with "clicker" technology and getting people involved in the talk with instantaneous polling…I'm even a few weeks away from getting my paws on an Ipad (yep, the new Ipad 3!) on which I will have some apps that give me an opportunity to use my Ipad like a white board so I can "doodle" with the audience/group/congregation/class/etc. that I am speaking/teaching to.  Yep, as my Papua New Guinea pal, Joe, is apt to say, "it's ALL good!"  

So, over the last few weeks, I've decided to be honest with those to whom I am speaking…truth is, I have a few bible programs.  NOW, instead of carrying around either a thin bible (so I can prove my humility) or a BIG thick one (so that I can boast of the weight of God's Word that I lug around to demonstrate my passionate spirituality), I can carry MULTIPLE translations on my Iphone.  Sweet!  I can do word searches, original language research and a number of things ALL FROM MY PHONE.  Dude…can it get any better!  Despite all that, I had to come clean…because on the same phone that holds the precious Word of God, I also have…wait for it…yep, you guessed it…ANGRY BIRDS.  So, the dillemma…do I play ANGRY BIRDS or READ THE BIBLE while speaking?  Mmmmmm.  So, I was speaking over the past two weeks or so and I said it for all to hear – "IF you see me holding my Iphone VERTICALLY, you know I am reading the bible…on the other hand, IF, while I'm talking, I turn my phone horizontally, then you know I'm bored with my own talk and I'm trying to get to the next level of ANGRY BIRDS.  Who knew you could speak and play at the same time?  You know, I hear it all the time from students…"yes professor, I can take notes and play games at the same time."  So now, who's cool? 

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