Hirsch “bombardment” with APEST…

The Permanent Revolution, Alan Hirsch's and Tim Catchim's new book, is totally focused on the APEST typology of Kingdom living.  I must say that I've been a HUGE proponent of "gift-based ministry" for years.  The "beauty" of God's creation of and economy within HIS Body and Purposes is that in unity we have been given a Spirit-enabled diversity and unique sense of call and chosenness to be able to be faithful to the Kingdom task/purpose making disciples.  So, I get that…what I have NOT spent as much time on over the past years is the specific focus on the "five-fold" ministry of ekklesia (of gatherings or organizations of followers of Jesus).  Other books have articulated this but Hirsch and Catchim make a passionate and well-reasoned plea for followers of Jesus to understand and "re-organize" around the design of the Body for maximum apostolic effectiveness around APEST (best articulated scripturally in Ephesians 4).  NOW, this would be a "book long" post if we tried to sum all THAT up…for now, get this – though the new book does spend some time analyzing how institutional, Western Christendom has been obsessed with TWO out of the FIVE types of "giftings" in the Body (primarily the task of teacher and shepherd) and making a strong case for the "resurrection" of the APE (apostle, prophet and evangelist) functions, the core of the book spells out with thorough specificity the scope of APEST and how "revolutionary" the potential of re-igniting a discipleship journey in community for Kingdom faithfulness.  I know…I used a lot of big words…I'm trying to keep the post brief.  I'm planning on sharing this stuff more over the coming days.  So, check back, OK?  For now, do some searching on APEST if you like…or, better yet, get your hands on either The Forgotten Ways, On the Verge or Permanent Revolution books…OR check this web link!  More to come…

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