Hits and Misses @ the Grammys…one humble view from a point

I don't know what to really think about this post.  I watch the Grammy awards most years because I'm a Grammy-statuemusician.  I love music and love to follow its artistic journey through the lives of people and their stories.  The Grammys usually "celebrate" the bightest and best of the recording industry…make no mistake about it, it is an industry.  It's goal – to not only highlight artists but to make money.  And to make money these days especially in a celebrity driven, narcissistic, almost "anti-value" culture is to shock, disturb and push envelopes.  That's what happened last night…again, in one humble perspective.  Bruno Mars is simply talented…Paul McCartney, the Beach Boys, etc. are all "classics" but we have to face it, they were there to bring in an older audience (again, media manipulation – yes, I have a tendency to be a bit cynical).  It was refreshing to see "pros" have mic problems (which actually made me laugh out loud, again, my cynical side since it has happened to me numerous times) and it was disturbing to watch a few performances and come to the conclusion (as I said to Vicky at the time), "you know, I just don't get that!"  I don't get club music…what's cool about Danger Mouse is that head-thing he wears as he does his electronic "thing"…I would love one of those!  I get Foo Fighters…I know that Dave is a hard-core rock purist…although I like some of the other "candidates" for the "hard rock" category…it is me or do many of the Foo songs sound alike.  Don't get me wrong…Dave's good but how about some Mastedon or Jeff Beck's work.  The Coldplay/Rhainna song?  Really?  Again, I'm not a big Cold Play fan…Chris doesn't have a great "high voice" and Rhianna is a "girl punk", you can see it in her attitude.  I could go on but I won't.  Civil Wars – funny and too short.  I could have used a few more "seconds" of their song/performance – it was raw and real (much in contast to the overly hyped, overly produced, lip-synched performances – I know this is the "recording" industry but I like live performances not just dance routines).  The most shocking and literally nauseating part of the night was Nicki Manaj and her "Roman" song…put it this way, I don't deal well with people who say that they have another "personality living inside of them"…it is wrong on more levels than I can count.  Center for Parent and Youth Understanding leader, Walt Mueller, had a good post on it today that you (especially if you are a parent, youth worker, leader in a faith community, or cultural student) should take a look at because he brings us broader issues.  Lastly, no doubt the refreshing Adele saved the show…her innocence and genuine thankfulness and humility was like a cold drink on a hot day…just made me smile.  I also like Bon Iver (although I know NONE of his music except what I'm listening to now on ITunes) and his comments about independent artists…again, he looked genuine and like many of the artists I know – looking NOT for celebrity but for a place to share what is most meaningful in their art.  Overall, I wish I would have watched the show on my DVR…that way I could have fast forwarded the aspects of the show that were simply lame (again, my opinion).  The big "idea" of the night – if you want a snapshot of culture in the West…if you want to get a "feel" for what's going on in the world, the Grammys are a "must see"…oh and by the way, I loved checking live feeds from pals on Twitter.  That was fun!  That's it for now…no more blather from me!

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