Quick post from something I just read…too long for FB

Atake a lookKeys to integrated life:

  1. Begin sharing stuff. It breaks down the barriers when someone borrows your sewing machine, lawn mower or car. It’s a lot easier to shape an inter-dependent family when you’re sharing things regularly.
  2. Don’t think about people as possessions. (i.e. my children, my husband, etc). Think about what they bring and who they are within the wider community.
  3. What gift do I have that I could share with others for good? (cooking , cleaning , decorating, computer skills, etc). I could swap my gift for another (“if you teach me how to use Quickbooks, I’ll babysit your kids so you get a date night). What do I need and what do others need, and what ways do they relate to each other so we can be more interdependent?
  4. What shared tasks would be more fun and completed quicker if done in oikos (extended family)? Christmas /thanksgiving, children’s parties, landscaping, etc.
  5. If you’re discipling someone in your extended family, is there something I’m already doing that someone else could tag along with? Driving kids to school. Going grocery shopping. Going to the airport. Rather than setting up a coffee or lunch every time someone needs something, fold them into your regular life and use the time more efficiently. Plus, there are lots of other things they’ll pick up.
  6. Start thinking about major decisions (like schooling , where to buy a house, etc) in terms of where your community and relationships are, not just your individual preference . Start with where the People of Peace are (people God has already prepared in advance to be open to you).
  7. Have at least one meal a week when you invite someone(s) over. You’re already eating, invite someone to do it with you!
  8. Walk the same roads and neighborhoods. Park the car in the driveway instead of the garage so you have to talk to your neighbors.
  9. Go to the same restaurants at the same time on the same day each week and sit in the same place so you get to know the staff over time.

A guy I'm "following" just posted this on his blog today!  Good stuff to consider as you and me live our lives as Kingdom people…thanks Mike!

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