A New year and a “vision” of 1000 posts…

Awriting-blog-300x299I've been working on this blog for quite some time.  After several years of writing, thinking, worrying about posting, and counting days between posts, I have emerged onto a new year where chances are I will reach 1000 bits of input before this next calendar year comes to a close.  I've found this literary journey a fascinating one…primarily because it comes down to discipline.  It takes effort to think through life…to "journal" in a public manner…to engage the world in such a way that we can be reflective of its meaning and impact on life.  It takes effort and risk to view what is occurring within spiritual circles of relationships and comment without fear.  I have to be truthful…I've gotten in "trouble" with my writings over the past five years.  Yep, actually didn't get one specific "job" I was interested in because some people didn't agree with what I was sharing on this blog.  The blogsphere gives the writer exposure in manners that are completely surprising for as with any time that we "put our thoughts and feeligns and perceptions" out in the public realm we risk misinterpretation and condemnation.  Even so, I've been a HUGE proponent of transparency in living and authenticity in faith…so the risk and even the times when I've had to "edit" my posts after the fact have actually provided me with motivation to keep going.  My point is not agreement…my point is not placation of words…my point IS open living…to use a phrase oft misunderstood within some circles, to "sin boldly" and allow the Lord God to guide my steps as I live my life and state my perceptions through writing within the overall picture of grace.  So, 2012 emerges…a new year is before me and you…what will we see?  How will it impact our lives?  How is God's Kingdom going to break in through new ways?  How are we going to respond to the challenges that life, culture and relationships will pose?  Only God knows…that's why the adventure is worth it!  So, stick around.  My goal of 1000 posts means that I have about 250 posts over the next year to make sure that I write…we'll see what happens.  As I've said before, more to come… 

One thought on “A New year and a “vision” of 1000 posts…

  1. Blogging is definitely a discipline and, for me, a good learning tool. It has truly helped me process and think through things… For better or worse 🙂

    I have wondered if my blog will ever get me in “trouble” … So far I’ve been fortunate to have never been too heavily scrutinized by what I post… But I may in the future and I suppose that’s just ok. If I couldn’t get a job because of what I write, I suppose I’d have trouble being myself in that vocation anyway.

    Thank you for keeping this blog. I’ve really enjoyed the journey with you…


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