Quick rant…

AdailyrantHeard on the radio this afternoon someone sharing that they can't wait for this Christmas "superstition" to pass historically…the "enlightened" ones believe that education is quickly freeing society/culture from religious superstition…this guy was predicting maybe 200 years from now, all we would have left is a holiday tree, holiday parties and a holiday season…at that point, though, what's the point? No reason to give gifts…no reason to celebrate anything…no real purpose for the holiday…what are you going to do, give gifts, take time off, throw parties for what, nothing? no good reason? no real reason? to celebrate the "existential/inherent goodness" of humanity? Look around you…I don't think so…

So, I have shared my rant…and I got some people that I know and care about make some comments.  After having a friend of mine post this, I had some more comments…here's what my friend said:  "People give gifts, take time off, throw parties for nothing all the time. Setting aside a time in December to do just that sounds awesome, Christmas is such a mashup of holidays anyway, people should be able to have it mean whatever they want it to. Celebrating the idea of existential/inherent goodness of humanity is a wonderful idea, it's out there."

Now, my turn again…you see, that was the guy's broader point…he was saying "dump all the reasons"…and just have a generic "holiday"…no reason, no season is my point. Every "holiday" has an origination point of meaning.  Think back to all the holidays we have…all of them are anchored in some commemoration or significant event in history.  The "inherent goodness" of humanity doesn't cut it for me especially in light of the reality of the world for most folks…we need something to "inspire" hope and meaning…navel gazing doesn't cut it. 

Any other comments?

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