Somebody who is “hip” says that we should go OLD SCHOOL for Christmas!

Old_schoolHey, I loved this.  Not because I am totally "old school" all the time but rather because I do see and appreciate the fact that when you do the God-honoring journey of Kingdom living with a "family", you need to embrace some unique, family traditions.  Sometimes I think that traditions can be a bit "quirky" or even irrelevant…but that's not the point.  The point is that tradition sets a foundation and brings meaning to family/relational journey…and even as sometime "weird" and irrelevant as traditions may be, they solidify what it means to be a community!

Well, a blog I LOVE to read featured this today…you can check out his blog by clicking HERE but also enjoy as he ruminates on going "old school" on Christmas:

Suggestions for going "old school" on Christmas:

1. No new Christmas songs.
If it was written in the last 25 years, let’s not sing it during Christmas. I’m not even willing to make a Christmas Shoes exception for this one.

2. Break out the hymnals.
I know we’ve got some in the basement. Let’s get them out, enjoy a little of that old school hymnal smell and sing “O’ Come All Ye’ Faithful.”

3. Hang up some stained glass windows.
Where? I don’t know. I’m not in charge of logistics. My job is awesome ideas. And nothing says old school like a 3,000 pound stained glass window.

4. Two words, “Hand Bells.”
Is that one word? Maybe. Know what else is one word? Focus. I feel like you’re getting distracted by grammar. The only time of year I really want to hear some hand bells is at Christmas time. You think the angels are up in heaven celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus with synthesizers or drum kits? Doubtful. They’ve got hand bells. Let’s get some too.

5. Choir robes.
We don’t have a choir so this one is going to be difficult. But I’m not a tyrant. I’ll wear a choir robe. Just to “Christmas up” the whole place. My only request is that the robe has enough room for me to dance like the nuns in Sister Act 2.

6. Candles on Christmas Eve
If you’re not handing out open flames to a room full of people wearing big, fluffy, flammable winter coats in the dark, I’m not even really sure you love Christmas. Fortunately our church still does this, but just in case they were thinking about going to little flashlights or something I had to mention it.

7. At least a cameo by a live donkey.
I’d prefer the donkey was around all month, but I’m not unreasonable. I’ll settle for a cameo one Sunday during the live nativity scene. P.S. We need to have a live nativity scene.

8. At least one criticism of Santa from the pulpit.
Few things are as old school as throwing Santa under the bus. If you really want to spice it up, feel free to say something about how evil it is that people say “Happy Holidays.”

9. An old man who reads the Christmas story to kids.
Next to trying to blow out every candle in a three pew radius, my favorite part of the Christmas service is when the old guy reads the Christmas story. Did you have that at your church? He had white hair, a must, and would sit at the front of the church and all the little kids would come down to hear the story. Classic.

Aren’t you feeling more Christmasy already? Forward this to your pastor and they’ll probably get right on this list of suggestions. Except for the donkey one. Donkeys are ornery and surprisingly good at kicking. Most churches are pretty strict about letting live donkeys roam around church. Weird.


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