John Fischer on a Leadership paradigm that is WORTH incarnating…

Cropped-the-catch-web-idea-5Leadership paradigm worth emulating = "People who are truly effective to minister are ordinary sinners like you and me, not superstars or spiritual giants or sterling examples of moral perfection. In fact, hand the baton to any of the latter and just wait for the fall. The bigger the impression, the bigger the crash. The people you want to lead you are people who have already crashed and found the secret of adequacy and real strength is Christ in them… in spite of them. Indeed, the real "successful" leaders are those who feel that crash daily in some form and are not afraid to show that. That is what keeps them realizing God's power in their lives and what also sends a message to everyone around them that it is Christ and not them that we are all following."  John Fischer (really, if you haven't subscribed to John's daily email, do it now!)

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