Just when you think you can’t be shocked any longer…

AttentionThis story caught my attention…if you know me, you can imagine why!  The issue is not just about the sexual identity preference of one little boy…this is an issue that is deeper, more shocking, very pervasive, and extremely alarming as each of us has a front row seat to the deterioration of any moral fabric in culture.  

Let me say, culture is not obligated to have a moral foundation…culture is what we make of it. In other words, culture is a reflection of the people, social institutions and messages (that soak all the senses) that make up its complex matrix.  If anything, a story like this is a clear presentation of how far the "internal moral compass" or even the "external, majority rules/political correctedness" launch pad for moral deliberation has steered our culture from any degree of "righteousness."  

The truth is, I even hesitated a bit using a word like "righteousness" (see below for more) because it implies that there IS a moral standard that transcends reality…in fact, THE moral standard is ultimate reality, i.e. God.  You see, if you adhere to an understanding of God and align yourself with that relational truth, you have moral accountability and have to deal with the questions of how life was designed, how are our decisions reflecting that relationship with God, what would God have to say about our life decisions, etc.  IF you don't have any sense of moral accountability except that which makes YOU "feel" good or, in other words, that which only reflects personal preference, you have (what we are seeing played out in culture) moral anarchy.  I really believe that many in our culture would like just that – moral anarchy.  But that is what you get when you mix a distorted view of freedom and the deification of the individual…you have a responsibility-less society which no rudder for moral choices except that which pleases the whims of individuals and their preferences.  Stay "tuned" as we contemplate more of culture in life to come…

By the way, my "simple" way of defining "righteousness" = right relationship and right lifestyle that reflects or is an authentic implication of that "right" relationship.  In other words in Kingdom of God context/Christ-honoring, righteousness comes from God and as we live that gift in our life, we live in righteousness…we are always challenged to live out a righteousness that comes as gift from God and is a refection of His new life within us.   

2 thoughts on “Just when you think you can’t be shocked any longer…

  1. You read Fox News?
    Interesting thoughts Robin. That story definitely invites some heavy moral/theological reflection. You’ve got me thinking. But I’m not inclined to claim the “deterioration of any moral fabric in culture.” Indeed it is out of moralistic conviction that people make decisions such as these. This story is a symptom not of deterioration but of the shifting of this culture’s moral pendulum. And, let me say, the pendulum still needs shifting as we become more aware of the gender and sexual assumptions of our society.

    That being said, the question to me is, has the pendulum shifted too far in this case? Perhaps so. Whatever the case, this kids got a long road ahead.


  2. Wes, that’s why I admire and respect you as a friend and growing theologian…you are thoughtful and thought-provoking. You see, I see this as a worldview issue…it is a sign or sign-post of a dramatic shift in worldviews in western culture…of course, it is also, as you said, an example of the moral pendulum’s shift. I think you and me would agree that followers of Jesus have a more “clarified” specificity of gender and sexual assumptions…to say that we impose them on culture at large is not fair…but to say that we just look the other way as the pendulum swings and NOT point it out to those who have their head in the sand or who think that the cultural values are not making a huge impact, especially on young people’s moral deliberation, I think is to our detriment. I don’t believe that gender is choice…and in a “choice oriented” society, it seems like everything’s being reduced to consumeristic-driven values (i.e. life is a plethora of choices)…sooooooo, good to hear from you buddy!


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