Not going to do any “blame game” on any politician…but something has got to change

Tumblr_lpo85fxVzV1qjmjvko1_400 More and more people are appropriately piling on…something has got to be done.  Whether the prez is stuck in ideology, social systems that he is attempting to "transform" or just plain stubbornness, something has got to change.  I am not going to "blame" anybody…yes, for those of you friends who keep thinking that I forgot this, the prez didn't ask for this national/international scenario.  Things have been screwed up for years…hey, I know those dynamics.  I deal with them daily…but ventually a leader has got to be able to own their time, stop looking in the rear view mirror and deal with the circumstances that are real to them and their environment.  That's the issue – here's what I see – local governments have to raise taxes to make their ends meet…the economy sucks so badly that income is way down for local governments, so property taxes are going up…state governments are scrambling and raising fees, etc.  Gasoline, as I have commented on before, is staying up and has become a "frog in the kettle" over time…we are getting used to paying more for fuel because we have no other choice.  I don't know about you, but I have curbed as much driving as I can to conserve on fuel costs…but I'm still not happy when I have to pay $4 a gallon (a bunch of that is tax…fed and state).   That fuel costs are raising the cost of food.  House prices are still in the tank and the home that we were depending on for some sort of equity in the future is now worth over 25% less than when we purchased it…all our equity is gone and may never come back…at least it feels that way considering the fact that it has been 3 years and nothing is changing.  Our pension funds were cut in 1/2 in 2008 and are dropping again.  The feds think they want more money to get our debt in line…and if they can't get it from the so-called rich (which is bogus anyway because they will never get as much as is needed to get this financial crisis in order), then they will go back to fees, taxes on things that people consume, and more fees.  So it is the mantra for a new age – more!  The government wants more..we want more…more, more, more…never enough.  Sounds like something from an ole list of deadly sins, doesn't it?  Add to that people stirring up jealousy and envy in hearts and lives with the "not fair" and "class warfare" stick and you've got problems.

Here's a truth from history – there is no such thing as an attainable level playing field in life…never has been, never will.  Any and all political and economic systems that attempt to create some sort of worldly economic nirvana have failed…why?  Because of human brokenness…but that's another subject (by the way, view "sin" in that spot where I wrote brokenness, will ya?).  Economic "justice" is a Kingdom of God idea (a bigger vision than humans can naturally attain) that has been highjacked by politicians and others who think that we can legislate some sort of justice via laws, some weird redistribution of wealth scheme, or even to find someway to screw up the economy so that everybody suffers.  Justice can only happen in redemptive community and as led by the Spirit of God.  To appeal to some sort of higher human standard is to deny what Darwinists have rightfully claimed for years – that the core of humanity really is the survival of the fitest…that the core of human experience is not altruistic but self-centered, "what's in it for me", ego-centricity at everyone else's expense.  Hey, look at it this way – at least that is some sort of justice these days…cause the economy sucks now for everybody!  Everybody is getting poorer…

So here's the new norm – it is more, more, more…and then people wonder why their bottom line is shrinking.  Add to that what I emailed a friend about yesterday, that being, the entitlement mentality, prevailing narcissism and "victimization" that people feel/purport (especially many, not all, but many younger people) that enables them to not work but complain that it is the "system's" responsibility to take care of all their needs and you have a perfect storm of chaos.  This is real life in the real world…not everyone can get an A in the class and not everyone gets chosen for the team and not everyone gets a trophy for just showing up and not everyone wins.  But you can't convince the "more, more, more" crowd…because that's the way they expect life to operate.  

Unfortunately, for me, I'm getting a bit cynical.  There are times that I think that people in power like this type of craziness because it serves their purpose…but I digress.  Something has got to change…as I said above, no matter how this mess got started, it is our leader's responsibility to do something about it without blaming the past, without asking for another 1/2 billion to take care of all those on the public dole already, without espousing another economic system that has shown itself throughout history to be a rank failure.  It appears that no body in power understands the "feed me Seymour" syndrome…the more you give people without requiring them to do anything but just keep their hand out, the more and more they will desire and the bigger their appetite will become.  There will never be enough free stuff for people…have you ever seen people stand up and yell and scream and make a fool of themselves just to have a free t-shirt shot at them at a sporting event (from one of those air cannons)?  That is the image of the day…remember, with freedom comes responsibility…yet it appears that the chant of the day is "I want freedom" but at someone else's expense and responsibility…someone else has to take care of me and my needs according to my expectations.  In other words, if I don't get a t-shirt it was the fault of the ticket agent because I didn't get put in the right section, or the cannon girl because she has favorites in the stadium, or the management because they don't shoot enough t-shirts so that everyone gets a free one…and for gosh sakes, I'm not going to actually buy one!  That would cost me money!  "Feed me Seymour, feed me!"

So, when dear friends mention that are "other" values…that there are "saints of old" that found ways to find peace in the midst of any and all circumstances…that they were able to pray, "Lord make me an instrument of your peace" (yep, St. Francis) while everyone else was focused on the "Lord make me an instrument of agitation, argument, violence, etc." – it is time to listen to and embrace other voices and other values.  I don't know where society is headed…all I know is that I have to continue to focus my mind and heart on the fact that I serve a King and a Kingdom…and if I can help promote love, joy, peace, contentment and "justice" in my small circle of influence, then I can drop the world peace, world justice pipe dream and find rest for my soul.  I don't know, maybe I'm delusional…maybe I'm naive.  But that's just the way it is – today!  

By the way, that pic has nothing to do with this post – weird huh?

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