Dry times…yes, they come and go

Dryness There are times when you feel like your cup is empty…I mean, that happens especially in a high pressured world and high-paced life when you are attempting to accomplish all that you desire to accomplish.  Then there are times when your cup is empty and your soul is dry…where, as someone said to me today as he was slyly illustrating what it a person who often burns the "candle" of life at both ends looks like, sooner or later you get to the middle of the candle and you realize that there is no more wick.  In those moments, the flame extinguishes and not only are you dry but you have no more to give until you drink again from that well that never runs dry…or, to be consistent in imagery, you have a re-creation of the fuel of your heart…that being the wick.  Yes, dry times come…but also dry times can go and do go…it is at the dry times where the key question is not, "how did I get here" but rather, "to where do I go now to find a restore and renewed life?"   I think all of us know about dryness…what distinguishes the person who has a transcendent joy in life from the individual who soon regresses to anger, fear, frustration or escapism is what they do during and with the dry times.  The Spirit is one who is seen in biblical imagery as not only the "water of life" but that aspect of God's nature that frequently is experienced "moving" over that which is chaotic (Genesis 1) and that which is bone dry (Ezekiel 37).  It becomes pretty apparent that we choose where we go when we discover ourselves in a season or period of dryness…the issue is whether we choose perpetual dryness or new life…yes, seasons of dryness have their purpose – if anything to remind us when we do again have our hearts restored that there is only one place, in this case, one person in "whom has the Words of LIFE."  Some of the friends of Jesus pined out loud one day, "where should we go…you alone have the Words of life in abundance."  That's where the dry soul eventually finds rest and renewal.  Yes, as I've already said, dry times…they come and go.  But as they come and go, will we take our next step refreshed or defeated?  Guess who brings refreshment?

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