Our Faith Community in action…

Three Circles Yesterday, our faith community @ Peace in Monroe continued to work collaboratively in discussing and envisioning how God is leading us into the future.  What started out as a budgetary process morphed with the Spirit's leadership into a paradigm of discussing and sharing together on three big values in our life together as we step into the coming days trusting God.  What has been simply a joy to behold is seeing people grapple with the bigger issues of applying their faith and life in community to the broader issues that we are facing together as Kingdom brothers and sisters.  Instead of pontificating or bringing down some "vision" from one or even several leaders, Body life means we join together in tapping into all the gifts of the Spirit in the discerning process.  It is actually fun and humbling to listen, watch and adhere to a community process that stretches each person as well as calls upon each individual to find their place in the broader community and own their unique place in our journey together.  Amidst what may seem like "holy confusion" is a discussion and enlightening process where the dynamics of Kingdom living and biblical community are being actualized.  Every person has a perspective to share…every gift, though seemingly insignificant, is really the most important…we all have been given a clear purpose (go and make disciples) now we learn as we listen to the Spirit and each other about how we are going to do that!  

By the way, the paradigm we are using for our discussions is embedded in the picture above!  

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