Why I’m adding a “send” icon to my email signature…

Send-icon No, this isn't THAT big of a deal…but it is to me.  I need reminders…I need hints throughout my day of what I am all about in the core of my identity.  I wear a wedding ring…I do that proudly and humbly and lovingly.  That ring reminds me of who I am at the core of my being – I am a husband of a wonderful wife whom I love.  Everytime I look at that ring, it reminds me, especially when the day is long and I get tempted to think that my life is all about work, that my there is a foundational relationship that has formed the core of who I am and that that relationship is key to the meaning and purpose of my life.  I also wear a cross and a broken/mended heart medalion on a necklace around my neck.  It never leaves my body…unless I am surfing and have to wear a high collar wetsuit (not much surfing time in Washington, trust me).  The cross reminds me that my life is not my own…that I belong to a King and a Kingdom.  That I am at the core of who I am a disciple…a follower of Jesus.  The heart that is broken/mended is important as well…my heart/life was broken and I was mended by a supernatural love…a love of another kind that not only released me from shame but gave me a brand new start afresh with possibility.  I believe in "memorials"…those reminders interspersed throughout our lives that remind us or help us remember people, circumstances, situations, promises, etc.  Memorials have a rich biblical history…the people of God erected memorials after they crossed the Jordan and entered the promise land.  If you think about it, every symbol or icon or piece of art that inspires you speaks to the core of your identity reminding you of a broader perspective on your life.  That brings me to the "send icon" that I am including in my email signature…I need reminders throughout my day that I am a "sent" person…yes, I am part of a Body…a community where I discover more about my identity as a follower of Jesus in relationship with others…but I am also a "sent" person…sent by my God into relationships in my life to be an ambassador/incarnate-or of His love and presence.  I am a disciple/follower given a call and identity that is fulfilled as I share that discipleship/followership with others that they too would be a follower/disciple.  I need reminders that that is who I am…do you need a reminder?  If mine is a simple icon, what is yours?

4 thoughts on “Why I’m adding a “send” icon to my email signature…

  1. Great idea Robin. I need/use all kinds of reminders in my life. Keeps me going down the right path. I’ll have to give some thought to what my “simple icon” reminder would be — something to remind me to take the appropriate amount of time to experience the various activities, people and communities in my life; to savor, deepen, and invigorate the important things and relationships.


  2. Your wedding rings are the symbols of your strong bond between each other. These can really remind you of the commitment that you’ve made with each other, and all of the good memories that you’ve had while wearing them. These can also serve as an inspiration to keep you strong in your relationship.


  3. Thanks Rick…you are right…you look at one of the “memorials”…keeps you going on the right path…almost like “bread crumbs” that lead you back home when you are lost in a deep valley


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