Social Networking revolutionizing how we live in community…

Google-logo_content_page My goodness…just watched this video about a hour ago and my head is still buzzing.  This new program looks like Facebook on steroids…it appears to be able to do what many of "us" have looking for from Facebook and that is the ability to be very "precise" in communication in specific circles of relationships.  In other words, not all of our "friends" are intimates…not all are "compadres" or partners in Kingdom living.  As with all of our relationships, there is a smattering of different circles of relationships.  Joe Meyers got this right in some of his books…we need to rethink "community"…not in a discriminatory sense, mind you…but in a relational context that is honest, forthright and honoring of the appropriate depth of relationship.  In other words, sometimes you simply need to communicate some information to a group of people you know but not everyone of your friends need to have the same information…sometimes you just want to share some stuff with those closest to you…other times, you can announce to the world about how you like an article, movie, link, etc.  There needs to be unique circles of relationships…

Well, it appears that Google (you know, THAT Google that now is BIG KID on the cyberspace block) is getting more into the social networking world with a new tool that appears to do just that…I wonder…will it replace FB?  It that its pure intent?  I don't know…I can only speculate…but I tell you, if this comes down, I'd be tempted to switch!  Check out Google+ HERE… And one more thing, the Wall Street Journal's article on Google+.

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