The “Pup” is getting married! Oh, and a shout out to my Canadian pals…go Canucks!

Chaya Yep, this Saturday Chaya is getting married!  Kelly Knopp (artist and Boys/Girls Club Leader/Director…oh yeah, skater, humorist, all around nice guy) and Chaya are hitching up on Saturday this week.  Many of you don't know that since she was a wee girl, I've called her "pup"…so now you know…the pup is a few days away from being Mrs. Knopp.  By the way, you can check out Kelly's work (including their very "unique" wedding invitation) on Kelly's blog (where he posts his work – click here).  So, we are in the midst of decorating, dress fitting (that would be HER dress, not mine), and all the other festivities that usually are associated with weddings.  To say the least, we are excited and blessed!  Kelly is a good man…I am usually a pretty positive and affirming person, but when it comes to MY daughter, I'm pretty particular.  When I say that Kelly is a "good" man, I mean it.  He has a good heart, a relaxed spirit, he loves our pup and her pup (the amazingly wonderful, special K)…he is creative, a conversationalist, a patient…he is inquisitive, intelligent, and diligent in putting his hands and life to work to make people's journey in life a more enjoyable one.  We are proud of what the Pup is becoming but we are just as excited to see what God is going to bring about through this new union.  May the Lord bless this new "entity"…their lives together…the growing sense of family/friends and the steps they will take together!  We love them both…including, Kae, we love them all!  Let the festivities continue…

Oh, and by the way, YES, I am a sell-out to all my Canadian friends…GO CANUCKS!  You see, I grew up playing and loving hockey when there were the "ORIGINAL SIX"…I am a Detroit guy…I couldn't pull for the Bruins if my life depended upon it!  So…again, GO CANUCKS!


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