Multi-tasking article..thanks Mark!

Multitasking-productivity I just arrived in Denver for a few days with my family…Vicky had to stay home to recover from hand surgery (she assures me, as well as our friends assure me, that she is in good hands…).  So, my dad's birthday and my youngest granddaughter's birthday and my two neices are graduating…busy week.  So, I'm hanging out in Ft. Collins today with my daughter and son-in-law and while I'm doing so, Mark shares with me this article on "multi-tasking".  It was hilarious and true…thought you might enjoy it (while you are doing something else, most likely):

Should Multi-tasking Be Encouraged, Or Taken to Task? (you can read the entire article by clicking on the title)

"…Ruth Pennebaker’s fun piece, “The Mediocre Multitasker,” (New York Times) floated a reason or two for giving good old “uni-tasking” more love. As she reported, a Stanford University study found that multi-taskers are “just lousy at everything.” One of the study’s investigators, Clifford I. Nass, found this to be shocking, since the research had hoped to identify the traits in multi-taskers that made them so successful.  Just as Pennebaker responded to this “shock” with a wink and a nudge, are we supposed to be surprised about this?

As Clifford Nass, again, so succinctly put it in Pennebaker’s piece:

“I was sure they had some secret ability.  But it turns out that high multi-taskers are suckers for irrelevancy.”


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