This isn’t about me…really!

Nurse1 Day one on the nurse-maid front…yep, that's not me in the picture.  There were many, many pics I could have chosen from (on Google Image – you type in "nursemaid" and see what I mean…) but I chose one that is closest to the role I'm playing.  Yep, bearing my "cross" and serving my wonderful wife, Vicky after her hand surgery today.  She's been struggling with a very painful thumb joint for a few years…come to discover that not only is the joint being adversely affected by arthritis but also there have been bone spurs and fragments inflaming and restricting the movement of the joint.  So, today was "spring cleaning", so to speak.  Now Vicky is nursing a split and two incisions…as well as six weeks of upcoming casting and physical therapy NOT to mention the fact that she will not have use of her right hand for over a month.  She's not supposed to lift more than a 2 lb. soda/pop can over the next six weeks…SO, today I'm caring for my lovely wife and blogging at 9pm.  Yep!  Truly, this isn't about me!  Pray for her speedy recovery!

One thought on “This isn’t about me…really!

  1. This picture speaks to me and refreshes the sense of “my call.” A Florence Nightingale quote that I absolutely love!!! – Nurses should provide comfort through proper use of “fresh air, light, warmth, cleanliness, quiet and the proper selection and administration of diet.” Wise words from long ago that still hold true today!!

    Praying for your lovely wife.


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