Holy Week – too important to pass up!

Passione "for he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed."  Isaiah 53

I always love this time of the year…I have so many memories of people, friends and fellow Christ followers who have made this pilgrimage with me over the years.  We have sung, read, meditated, conversed and humbled ourselves together in community as we have beheld the magnificence of our God and the mysteries of the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection that have transformed our lives. 

Another year has come and the journey remains the same…these regular rhythms are here for a reason…they give us an opportunity to rehease the mysteries of God and His transforming love and power…you see, we simply don't "remember" as if this whole Jesus following thing was simply an exercise in cognitive recall…but we walk it again…we put ourselves around that table of the last supper…we take our place at the foot of the cross…we stand under the sacrifice of Jesus and wait patiently and prayerfully at the "soon to be" empty tomb.  It's too important to pass up…in whatever way you watch and pray, whether in your heart alone or in community, I pray that is week will be another way that the Spirit brings you life and meaning and purpose in life.  The Kingdom is revealed this week in a powerful way…see it and embrace it and share in in relationship with others as was the Lord's intent when He breathed you into existence. 

One thought on “Holy Week – too important to pass up!

  1. Great reminder to us all to stop and reflect and remember. You are right that it is all too important to pass up. I grew up in a denomination that didn’t put much into Holy Week other than emphasizing Easter morning. When I went to university and met ppl from other denominations that had strong traditions surrounding Holy Week, I discovered a whole new world that I had been missing on. I now try to take time to reflect on the different happenings of Holy Week. I’ve also tried to help families and children take time for Holy Week in my work in children’s ministry.


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