Cultural comment for the day…no I didn’t make it!

The blog, Iblogo that I read daily has posted some thoughts on the changing face of social media these days.  Iblogo is the blog from the amazingly creative and passionate people over at Imago (click on the link to check out their website).  They are, at least in my humble opinion, taking the lead in examining cultural trends in communication as well as providing resources for understanding and telling the grand narrative of the scriptures (Mark's books on Story through Youth Specialities publishing are priceless tools for understanding the the power of story-telling).   These posts are worth reading if you are interested in cultural transitions and how they are bound to change the way we live in these postmodern, 21st century times.  I find this extremely facinating!  Here is the video that the blog reflected on – the emergence of new technology and its potential impact:

Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

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