Seth Godin pronouces blogs dead…mmmm, what does that mean?

RIP-500-square Good guy Seth Godin (marketing guru, creative thinker, author, etc.) pronouces today on HIS blog that blogs are "dead" (his article in posted below for you to consider).  So, now what does that mean?  I thought I was being all "hip" and techy by participating in this form of communication.  I've loved the journey although it has been a bit of a problem a time or two…I've had this internal pressure of posting something on a regular basis…that's not too good.  I've also had the problem of being "misinterpreted" by some over the years…long story.  But I've also used this forum to be able to bounce ideas, perceptions and other pertinent info off of people who have done life with me for many years…that's invaluable.  Oh well…we'll see whether this is a true pronouncement of death…or whether it is like what happens when royalty dies…"the blog is dead…long live the blog".  I do like the fact that usually some form of death opens up the door to some sort of new life…some things should die because new life, new ideas, new paradigms are dying to be brought into reality.  So, read away and then you can decide for yourself…

Bring me stuff that's dead, please by Seth Godin

RSS is dead. Blogs are dead. The web is dead. Good.

Dead means that they are no longer interesting to the drive-by technorati. Dead means that the curiousity factor has been satisfied, that people have gotten the joke.

These people rarely do anything of much value, though.

Great music wasn't created by the first people to grab an electric guitar or a synthesizer. Great snowboarding moves didn't come from the guy who invented the snowboard… No one thinks Gutenberg was a great author, and some of the best books will be written long after books are truly dead.

Only when an innovation is dead can the real work begin. That's when people who are seeking leverage get to work, when we can focus on what we're saying, not how (or where) we're saying it.

The drive-by technorati are well-informed, curious and always probing. They're also hiding… hiding from the real work of creating work that matters, connections with impact and art that lasts. I love to hear about the next big thing, but I'm far more interested in what you're doing with the old big thing.

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