I have to admit – I loved what he wrote about himself…

Fun I don't even know where Doug is hanging out these days…all I know is that he asked me to join his Facebook posse which I responded to immediately with an enthusiastic "yes".  I haven't seen Doug in a number of years…we crossed paths in our journey during the days of the National Institute for Youth Ministry which eventually became Youthbuilders which eventually became Homeword.  I have always respected Doug – his heart for the Lord, his passion for all things "Kingdom" and his incredible giftedness.  So, when he posted on my FB page that he wanted to be my "friend", I said yes quickly and then read his "info" page.  Below is what he said about himself…not only is this great to read as someone who cares about friends and brothers in the journey of the Kingdom but this is extremely well-written and simply FUN to read.  So, I told him (humbly I must add) that I was going to post his info on my blog as a means of highlighting some creative writing and communication.  So, here it is – here's how ONE person introduces themselves to the world…notice how he doesn't say a thing about what he "does" or where he lives or what he owns…those things don't shape his identity…the core of his being is shaped by relationships – with Jesus, family, spouse, children and people.  Yeah, I just LOVED this!  Thanks Doug for this incredible witness!

I'm a family guy. Came from one. In one. Going to leave one. A decision in my early 20's to love a bride generated offspring. The joy of this adventure has multiplied to the 3rd generation. They like us so much they want to either stay or come back home. It's a good thing.

I strive to listen, learn, love, laugh and share my life of faith through relationships to offer families in our world a hope that springs eternal.

I speak, write and empower individuals and organizations by shepherding, leading and communicating three things that matter most – faith, hope & love. The last one is the kicker.

I learned a lot as a kid and teen. My greatest discovery was meeting a man who spent his first 30 years as a humble tradesman. I heard stories about him when I was a child. Reputation has it he was good at what he did with wood. He then invested 3 years living the most amazing life of love and leadership only to die a brutal death as falsely accused by a corrupt legal system. His case would have been thrown out today. What happened three days later was nothing short of history changing.

He caught my every attention at age 14 and I haven't looked elsewhere since. I now strive to be like this man named Yeshua from a small town in the Middle East.

I still have so much more to learn.

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