In the age of entitlement, a “voice of reason”

I've often thought that what some people need is a good dose of reality.  We could talk about that theologically…but that's not today's "point".  In a time where everyone seems to want to affirm the special giftedness of every child (which IS important) at the expense of reality of life (its brokenness, unfairness, the law of undulation via CS Lewis, etc.) sometimes a fresh "voice of reason" needs to remind us all that life doesn't bow down to a person.  Not every child will make it to the pros…get a full-ride college scholarship…or go to the moon.  Children as they "grow up" will experience failure…get a bad grade…not get a ribbon for every event…not get that job that they want after they submit their first resume…they will get chewed out by the boss…get into debt…and not be treated as special by the highway patrolman when they are pulled over for speeding.  So, watch this for a good palete cleaning…enjoy!

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