A “Burning Platform”…basically, a wake up call!

Burningplatform I like this post not because I am a business leader (although some might debate that with me) but rather because it asks some very important questions and raises important issues of the urgency at which we live life.  So much of the time in the life that I live especially in my relationships and in my passion for the Kingdom, I get into skimming…just living in a survival mode trying to put one foot in fronot of the other and neglecting the bigger questions.  I put many things on hold and then pretend that they will go away…only they don't.  They smolder and eventually bring down the house of cards that I've been pretending is really a house built on a solid rock.  I need to keep diligent in paying attention to "burning platforms"…not skim, not just "deal", not put off or put on hold…but deal with today's fires today. 

It is a good post…from a thoughtful source…I'm going to include a portion of the post that you can read by following the link below it…but here's the gist:

"More often than not – in our businesses, our careers, our relationships, and in our very lives – we stand atop our own “burning platforms”, resisting or ignoring the clear signs that we are in danger and that a radical change in behavior is needed to survive or to lead a life worth living.

And, as individuals, we should be asking ourselves…

  • Do I love what I do? Do I have a purpose? Am I accomplishing my goals and following my passion? Or am I settling/playing it safe?
  • Is my marriage or relationship fulfilling? Do I regularly give my best to my family? Am I still in love?
  • If nothing changes, if I continue down this path and look back on my life in 10 to 20, will I have any regrets?
  • What am I pretending not to know?

No matter how successful your company or your life, we typically have at least one “burning platform” smoldering at any given time. Take this opportunity to confront it and engage in some radical behavior change today.

http://www.fierceinc.com/blog/?p=1332 – from the Fierce Blog

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