This picture does describe a growing reality…

I don't know where I downloaded this picture but it is starting to describe a growing reality for many people who are "in love" with technology.  A few months back I read a book on the mentality of technological endeavors – not only planned obselence but growing addiction.  Faster speeds, bigger downloads, high-quality graphics, more "life-like"…cell phones that can broadcast television shows, keep you locked on a visual of your pals and loved ones…talk to you about current events…you see where all this is heading, don't you?  Far be it from me to jump on a "bash technology" bandwagon for I love it like the next guy.  Truth is, when a new guitar pedal comes out or that long-anticipated upgrade to the IPad is announced…hey, I'll be there chomping at the bit.  But a "bermuda triangle" is forming for many of us…I can't remember the last time I just spent a hour or so NOT doing anything but being quiet…I can't remember the last time I wasn't tempted to check email, post on FB, do some blogging, read an article, work on an online course I am teaching, watch the latest cool youtube video, or play a mindless game of angry birds.  Some one told me a long time ago that the screen was going to soon be our "god"…frankly, it might not become a diety but it definitely demands our attention and can coerce us into being lost at the sea of life.  So, I think I'll stop typing for a bit…maybe I'll turn on the tv for a news update…er, no.  Oh I know – I'll go for a drive…now, where was my Ipod?  No, how about a little guitar playing – where did I put my pedal board…oh now, a post on Facebook!  Help!!!!!!

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