Finally, a conference that looks interesting…and real!

Finally, a Conference (The Epic Fail Conference) that might be interesting to attend!  No success strategies…no leaders with big cheshire cat smiles pretending they have all the answers…no book sales…no resources to buy or attempt to implant within our spheres of influence…finally stories of lamentation, woe, struggle and reality.  I've been to my share of conferences over the years…MOST have been done by humble people who KNOW in their gut that any apparent (world-defined, culturally acceptable and worshipped) success is ONLY a gift from God and NOT of their choice, desire or goal…but there have been conferences where it is obvious that the people leading it have a big chip on their shoulder…mostly the chip looks like themselves.  Anybody with a good idea or a "successful" ministry (i.e. large, big, mega, multi, profitable, etc.) hosts a conference to fill the world in on their little secret OR, more intriguing/nauseating, to market or franchise themselves.  So, it is extremely refreshing to see a conference for what most people know ministry to be – real…heart wrenching…painful at times…filled with broken people and no guarentees…thanks to my online friend Jamie for bringing this to my attention.  I can't attend…but I'll be happy to buy all the recordings, all the books and resources that celebrate that paradigm!  1

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