No matter how many times I hear it, still moves me!

I can’t remember the first time I heard Tony Campolo speak…it was YEARS ago…but because I’m an old guy (Tony’s older!), it was in a previous century.  I was younger, hungry for mentoring on how to communicate, and involved in a ministry where we had the opportunity to book speakers/communicators who challenged followers of Jesus to live and love faithfully.  I think it was the second time I heard Tony speak…that was the year that he started to give his, “It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming” message.  I heard it and it made a HUGE impact on my life…since then, I’m a person who has prayed for and with Tony for the reality of God’s Kingdom to come near you and me in a transformational way.  So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I was casually reading over some of my favorite blogs the other day when I came across a short version of Tony’s message…it still moves me and still rings true because it embodies truth.  What are the Friday’s in your life?  What Sunday’s are you looking forward to?  If you haven’t seen it or heard it, here’s a snippet of this great message:

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