The Joy of Family…

Heart-Blending Vicky and I have been hanging out in Boise for most of this week.  Many of you know that the "pillar of cloud and fire" moved this past fall and the sphere of influence that God has called us to have changed…we are now living in the true Pacific Northwest – the Seattle area in the state of Washington.  We are as convinced as ever that the Lord's direction was not only timely and true but necessary and good.  We have been so blessed and challenged in our own Kingdom development on the new ground of our lives…and we are thankful for that opportunity every day.  Even so, the one aspect of life that we knew would be challenging was leaving our three adult children and two grandkids in Boise as we moved to Washington.  When the move occured, we made a commitment within our own hearts as well as in our relationships with them (and our close "family" friends) to be present in their lives in every way we could and as time would allow.  So, this past week, we made our way to Idaho…drove in to town and have been soaking up our family's presence…hugs from kids, conversations, laughs and looks/smiles of joy will sustain us for the days ahead when we will be separated by the miles…all we can say is that they all bring us joy.  Each day has been sweet and bitter-sweet.  When you have experiences of joy in relationship, you have a cup that never completely gets filled…the time goes by too fast and you never get "enough".  I thank the Lord for the moments we've had and the moments that will be coming…and their love and understanding in the midst of this new season in our lives is a gift!  So our love to you dear ones – Chaya, Kae and Kelly, Aaron and Jo, Shad and Mya and the "knee-surgery-recovering" Megan…thanks Gayle for giving Emma the playdate with Zoe…and love to you extended family John and Linda, Dave, Janie and Joy and Jordan, Glory and Ellie, Dick and Ruth, the guys of FCLC, Kimball and Cathie, Andrea, Rory et all, Andrew and Jamie…oh and don't forget Rose.  We have some other times with some other friends tomorrow and then home – yes, it is our home…Monroe, Washington, our house on Park Lane and our new family and the family community of Peace. 

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