A new year dawns!

Clarity He doesn't even know it but my friend Kevin in NoCal posted some comments on Facebook earlier in the year that have played positive havoc on my heart and life.  Fact is, they have become a "mantra" of sorts to the steps I am taking in life and in Kingdom work.  All I can remember is that he mentioned something about "clarity and recalibration"…and ever since I read those two words, they have burrowed themselves deep within my soul.  My new life's praxis is being shaped by them daily…the Spirit is constantly giving me an opportunity to find clarity on how to live.  I'm attempting them to recalibrate myself to His story instead of living out the tired, worn out script that became my life.  I have rediscovered that the Spirit of God loves new words…loves retelling the story of God in fresh ways in and through my life (only as I allow myself to be open to the critical "re-writes" that He pens spontaneously and effortlessly).  So I pray for a new clarity…for eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and how He is encouraging new life within me.  Then it is about setting a course to getting in the flow of that new life…getting caught up in the jet stream of the Spirit…being joyously cooperative with where, when and how the Kingdom is going to be expereinced in my midst.  As a new year dawns, I'm keeping those words close at hand.  Clarity and Recallibration.  No need for worthless resolutions…just a clearer vision of where I am in God's story at this time in history and how to recallibrate my life to play the part He calls me to play!  So, on to 2011! 

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