The Spill!

Vaio_spill Yes, it finally happened!  After being a laptop user for years and being COMPLETELY OCD about having liquid near the computer, I finally had the spill…yep, it happens to a lot of people and NO, I am exempt from these types of tragedies.  Fact is, I've been having many "mishaps" of late.  I had an "issue" with my 5th wheel trailer and truck over a month ago…that baby cost me, oh, about $1500 (not including the hit that my insurance will take).  Then the SPILL!  I was juggling too much in one day…papers all over the table and a itty-bitty book hiding, precariously with evil intent, under the papers…just waiting for my tea cup.  Now understand that the tea cup is my NEW 32 oz. variety.  One that my treasured new friend and co-worker, Merlaine, gave me as a welcome gift to Peace.  But for a moment, just a micro-second, I took my "eye off the ball"…and it spilled…yes, over my prize Macbook Pro.  Well, after three hours of work trying to resurrect it (not including the drying I did for over 24 hours), the tech pronounced it DOA.  That means, I have to shell out a "few" bucks for a new one.  At least the hard drive wasn't damaged.  But that's the OTHER side of the story…apparently, since I did the latest Mac OSX download on Monday on the "dead" laptop, the NEW one won't accept the entire data migration for sure unknown reason.  So, the Apple techs are trying to figure it the meantime, NO laptop.  All I can say is "ouch".  Many of you have tried to console me…and I appreciate it!  Tomorrow, I might get the new one…Lord willing at least.  And then, my OCD will really go into hyper-drive around that new baby.  Interestingly enough, I'm learning new lessons in patience, suffering, endurance and joy.  And yes, it is absolutely of NO COINCIDENCE that those were the subjects I preached on last Sunday (two days before the Spill)…no coincidence at all.  "Consider it joy my brethren when you encounter various trials…"  Yeah, James 1.  Anyway, I wanted you to know…I'm using Vicky's computer to bang this out.  In case you see this, you know why I haven't been as "present" as I normally am.  That's it!  It is off my chest.  More to come…

2 thoughts on “The Spill!

  1. I think the old MacBook / PowerBook keyboards were a little more forgiving. I’ve heard of people who’ve spilled coke on them and they were fine. But back in those days the keyboards were completely separate from the main body.


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