Hands I posted on my Facebook profile that today isn't about me…it really is about relationships…my wonderful partner and wife, Vicky…my incredible children (especially the photo hound Chaya)…my grandkids (yep, have 5)…my pals around the globe.  When you get these types of greetings and expressions of love, all you can do is bask in it…not so much for what "you" are all about but about the One who made this type of love, friendship, partnership, comradery, fun, and depth available to us as a gift.  If you experience love, you experience Jesus.  Bottom line…that's what I'm feeling today.  Appreciation, a touch of love that's a gift and the type of peace that truly comes not simply in a subjective, "I feel it in my heart" type of feeling but comes through the hands and hearts of those God has placed within our lives!  So, I'm grateful today…and if you are reading this because you are in my life in some way, know that you bless me beyond what I deserve and more than I can ever express! 

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