A now a word from my Canadian pal, Doug…his take on “Fierce Leadership”

Chris-blog-090904 Doug Doyle is a good man…I owe him my prayer support, my personal encouragement and thanks for he was one of the foundational mentors/leaders in a number of lives of those I love.  First of all my kid Aaron…Aaron spent a year under Doug's leadership as a Ministry Intern @ Redwood Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario (yep, that's the cold, North country my friends…where they hunt bear and moose like we shop at Target).  Doug was instrumental in being used of God to make Aaron into the person he is today. I also am a HUGE fan of my buddy, Nate Barnes who is leading a ministry in Barrie, Ontario and is a ministry partner of Doug's…then there is Ben Kroeker and Henri, and the Popowich bros and Tim and the list goes on and on…oh yeah, don't forget Christine!  I owe a huge thanks to him!

Well, Doug gets together with some guys in a Pastoral Small Group…it was they who introduced him to the books and blog of Susan Scott.  I don't need to go into anything that I know or don't know about her…I have never read her books…but I do subscribe to her blog and find her thoughts refreshing though not necessarily steeped in "churchy language" or appreciation.  Here's what Doug wrote about her on his blog:

"I was struck by how the virtues Scott espouses are so obviously Christian. I wondered what in her background contributed to an ethic that so often reflected the teaching of Jesus despite her obvious disdain for institutional religion as well as her colourful yet sensitive use of such language. Perhaps her expression “what fresh hell is this,” will not win her points with the average evangelical church goer, but I must admit I found it an original and winsome way to express the realities we continually encounter in church and family life."

Well, for our purposes here, I want to rip off a part of Doug's blog post that I read a few weeks back and share a few quick things among many that struck him as he read through her two books…I think that they are applicable to a Kingdom life…after reading these maybe you and me will want to take a peek at her work:

• Our work, our relationships succeed or fail one conversation at a time. We build our emotional wakes for the positive or negative, one conversation at a time.

• What each of us believes simply reflects our own view of reality … and reality is unforgivingly complex. In other words, no one person owns all of the truth.

• The person who can most accurately describe reality without laying blame will emerge the leader.

• If your behaviour contradicts your values, your body knows, and you pay a price at a cellular level.

• Authenticity is not something you have, it’s something you choose.

• What are you pretending not to know???

• We must recognize that humans share a universal longing to be known, to be loved.

• What we do at work that hurts people or alienates coworkers we also do at home, hurting and alienating those we love.

• When we keep important thoughts private, our ability to learn and make good decisions is lost.

• Feedback is invaluable. Anonymous feedback is not honest. Like all toxins, anonymity should be kept as close to zero as possible. Trust requires persistent identity.

• The goal is to have open, honest, face-to-face conversations, 365 days a year, with the people central to your success and happiness.

• A careful conversation is a failed conversation because it merely postpones the conversation that wants and needs to take place.

• A central part of my job is to build a culture that includes genuine affection for and an emotional connection with coworkers and customers.

• Master the courage to interrogate reality.

• The point of accountability is to empower the other person, not for you to become the new source for his or her power.

• Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

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