Compliment of the day…

6a00d83451e1f069e200e54f22dc548834-800wi Sometimes compliments come to you when you least expect it and they brighten and bless your day…sometimes they come in "packages" that surprise you and make a lasting impact on your life.  Today was one of those days – walking into a new relationship today with a couple of people from our faith community here in Monroe…first words out of one of woman's mouth as she spoke to her husband (who didn't expect to meet me today), "relax honey, he's one of us."  THAT made my day…no image, no role, no positional authority, no religious labeling…just heart to heart and life on life as we journey together in Jesus.  Yes, I have something specific that God wants me to do given His giftedness in my life through His Spirit…but it is all about Jesus…less of me, more of Him and more of simple yet profoundly loving relationships within community.  Yep, that about says it…

3 thoughts on “Compliment of the day…

  1. Hi Robin… The light of Jesus always shines through you. No matter where you are we always know you are one of us… Still miss you here in Tustin Ranch, Pastor, friend and neighbor… Love, Nancy Bressler


  2. Rob
    Just wanted to say howdyhoo!! Peg and I miss you and Vicky. Friendship was blessed by both of you and we miss your counsel energy and music.
    Nothing really to say other than we were thinking of you and wanted to tell you. I hope your Dad is still improving.
    In Gods Love
    Ray and Peg


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