Making me smile…sometimes uncomfortable too…

Yep, I've tripped over a few bibles in my time…the bible causes me to take a look at my life from a different perspective.  The Spirit sometimes use it to whisper, to debate my presumptions, and to crush my preconceived notions and stubborn conclusions.  Just when I think I'm cruising along in life pretty comfortablly, I find myself "stumbling" over the bible.  Darn it – how come it can't always agree with me?  How come I can't fashion the Word of God into my liking?  How come it has to show me a new way of life and living?  Now, I don't propose that we use the bible and stand back and taunt people who "stumble" over its power and ability to teach us, to "reprove", to correct, and to train us in a right life that is founded on a right relationship with God…but isn't it amusing how (and I say this in the most humble posture possible) we can get stuck in self-righteousness only to get tripped up by God's Word?  Yeah, God must sometimes smile…yeah, and sometimes, the truth does hurt!


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