Alan Hirsch…one of my heros – one video to take a few minutes to watch!

Alan Hirsch is a smart guy…he's articulate and passionate about the Kingdom of God.  Below is a video that is a summary of some of his thoughts in his book, The Forgotten Ways.  It is worth taking a few moments to watch…fact is, he has made a number of videos that give us a full "taste" or exposure to his writings, thoughts and passions.  Remember, he is NOT about BIG churches…he is about faithfulness, disciple-making and the mission of God.  The power of saying, "Jesus is Lord" is that the Church is Jesus' business…we purely have to be about the business of Jesus and let HIM be the one and only who provides the context of growth and development as HE wills. By the way, click HERE to see all of Alan's videos on his YouTube channel. So, take a peek:

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