New! We’ll see about the “improved” part…

New You usually hear the phrase, "new and improved" when it comes to looking at something familiar that has been spiced up by new circumstances.  Well, for Vicky and me, we'll see soon about the improved part (what does that really mean anyway…life in the Lord is simply blessed with His goodness)…but life is DEFINITELY new!  Many of you know that we have JUST moved to the real pacific northwest…Monroe, Washington.  You can check out previous posts so I won't bore you with the details here…let's just say that God made it perfectly clear that we were supposed to enter into a new journey with the faith community called Peace Lutheran Church in Monroe.  Both Vicky and I are humbled, blessed, happy, excited and overwhelmed to be part of this new community…we've been welcomed, prayed for, hugged, and extended the hand/heart of fellowship quickly.  There are people that are sure to be fast friends…there are those who will be compadres in subversive Kingdom work in short manner…there are those already who promise to join me in making some "trouble" in the community at large, you know, just having good friendly fun!  But for the time being, boxes and unpacking are dominating our life…boxes at home…boxes at work.  We are figuring that it will take about another couple of weeks to get feeling a bit more settled.  In the meantime, we're just jumping in.  Frankly, for those of you who know me, you know I like new things…if not purely for the excitment of the novelty of new relationships, situations, and challenges.  Wasn't it the Lord who promised that He made "all things new" (2 Corinithians 5)?  I guess we just have to continue to get used to the constant call and pull of the Spirit to things that are refreshingly new and trust Him with the "improved" part. 

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