If it wasn’t true, I wouldn’t post it!

HeadBanging All I can say now is that life is busy…I've got tons on my plate.  Now, let me say this – I'm not complaining…it is, to quote an overused phrase, "what it is".  Many of you know that we are moving…we have boxes to pack, things around the house to get ready, as well as a ministry journey to attempt to "end well."  But the key issue is that of the heart…there are many emotions that you feel when you get to be a bit older and you look at another transition.  I pray I'm a bit wiser with age…that for many of you is debatable…but we have the maturity behind us to be able to put a move to a new home and adventure in perspective.  We know God is in this…that is for sure.  We are excited about life in a new "country" because we have experienced all the blessings we have in every new place where we have been. There are opportunities for growth, new relationships and friends, new experiences, new victories as well as the lessons that accompany the unforeseen and predictable trials that await us.  But in a move we are also leaving those we love…we have roots, friends, family, memories, places we love, events that we anticipate every year…from the trips to McCall to the closeness to Yellowstone and the Tetons…from "Alive at 5" to "Art in the Park" to bike rides on the Green Belt…from each of our wonderful kids and grandgirls to the pals and comrades that we have in Kingdom work @ Friendship Celebration as well as the numerous other relationships we have through the Treasure Valley that have built our hearts and lives over the past years. Yes, all those things and more…so it is a bit frustrating to try to find an emotional balance between these two strands of life…the pull of the excitement and anticipation of the steps ahead as we trust God and look forward to His blessings and new adventures ahead and the sadness of leaving behind the treasures, memories, lessons, depth of love and friendship that He enabled us to develop in the past.  So…you wonder about the picture…really?  Do you understand now?  

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