What “HE” and I have learned from blogging…

Blogging_monkeys A guy I like but have never met posted today on his journey of blogging.  I liked the post so much that I thought I would re-post some of his main points.  I've been blogging for almost four years now…yeah, long time.  I've loved it, been bored with it, been bugged by it and sometimes even regretted it…but it has never been something I felt led to drop out of my life.  I do it primarily to build community, "converse/debate/encourage" friends in my life, work out my abilities to write and express myself accurately and deliberately as well as to engage in some technological banter.  But this list is helpful to take a peek at especially if you blog or read blogs regularly:

  1. Blogging helps me clarify my own thinking.
    This is probably the primary benefit of blogging for me. Sometimes I am
    not sure what I think about a topic until I have written on it. Writing
    helps me untangle my thoughts.
  2. Blogging has given me first-hand experience with emerging technologies.
    I have listened to many CEOs pontificate on this or that technology.
    But they are not speaking from personal experience—and it shows. When
    you actually use a technology, your learning and insights go to a
    higher level.
  3. Blogging has provided me with a mechanism for instant feedback.
    I love the fact that people can comment on what I have written. Whether
    the comments are good or bad, they help sharpen my thinking. As James
    Surowiecki said in The Wisdom of Crowds, the “many are smarter than the few.”
  4. Blogging has given others a “peek behind the curtain.”
    Some people are interested in the behind the scenes of an
    author’s work, whether they be books, conferences, or messages. This
    blog gives me an opportunity to share that with you all.
  5. Blogging has given me a way to engage my readers. I
    receive a lot of mail from readers, mostly encouraging. But sometimes
    from critics. In both cases, I’m asked questions about the things I’ve
    written. The blog gives me a venue to converse with them directly. One
    of the things that I find sad, however, is that some critics will blog
    or critique something I’ve allegedly written, without coming to me
    about it or asking for a response. One wonders why they won’t appear on
    this blog to discuss it directly and see if their criticisms hold any
    weight. But such is life.
  6. Blogging has helped me bypass traditional media when necessary.
    I didn’t really understand this at the outset, but it has proven very
    helpful. When the media fail to get the story right, I can quickly
    address it and provide my side of the story. This has been particularly
    helpful when we make big decisions that cause people to speculate. A
    blog post can stop a rumor dead in its tracks.
  7. Blogging has made the ministry I participate in more visible. 
  8. Blogging gives me a sounding board for future ideas and projects. 
  9. Blogging gives me a venue to push the limits on the blogosphere by experimenting with various innovations.
  10. Blogging has helped me answer my critics with the graciousness of Christ. I
    hope this is true. One way to view unjust criticism is to get upset,
    reject it out of hand, defend, or attack back. The other is to view it
    as an opportunity to reveal Jesus Christ in one’s response. Over the
    years, God has given me an instinct to view it in the latter way. I
    hope that I’ve been faithful to respond in a gracious manner at all times.
  11. Blogging gives me an opportunity to learn from others. I
    happen to believe that some of the sharpest people in the world comment
    on my blog. I’ve been sharpened a great deal by you. Anytime I’ve had a
    question about something, or asked for feedback on an idea, I’ve been
    impressed. I’ve learned a great deal from the folks who have taken the
    time to make comments. Thank you!

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