A new chapter in our lives begins…

05Pillar_of-_Clouds_and_Fire In the book of Exodus, a pillar of cloud and fire was a manifestation of the presence of God in the lives and journey of the people of God.  God's instructions were clear…when the pillar moves, you move.  That's the reality that Vicky and I are facing and embracing in these days of our journey in the life of Jesus.  Many of you know that we have been seeking the Lord for a place in which to do life where we would be able to use as many of the gifts that God has so graciously given us as possible.  For more than a year, we have had the honor and privilege of launching a disciple-making Project within an existing, local church.  Over that period of time, we have made dear friends, experienced a lot of joy and challenge and continued to seek God on how our next steps in life would be used best to His glory.  In addition, prior to these last months, we have built many deep and fulfilling relationships with people whom we have come to regard as family.  And I would be remiss if I didn't included the fact that four of our kids and two grandgirls live close to us in the Boise area…while we have been here, we even gained another daughter when Aaron got married last year.  So, we have roots and "love" on this ground.  But God has opened another "country" for us to inhabit and in which we pray we will be able to be faithful, fruitful and fulfilled in living for and serving in His Kingdom.  Peace Lutheran congregation in Monroe, Washington (northeast of Seattle) has called us to share our lives and gifts and passions with them in a new era of our life's journey.  I will serve as the congregation's pastor…Vicky will serve as she always has – as an encourager, gifted relational presence and through many of the ministries in which she has a passion.  A new chapter is beginning…a new aspect of our journey in following Jesus is opening up for us to be able to experience…and we do it as humbly and as openly as we can…trusting that these next steps will be God-glorifying as well as fulfilling in ways that we have yet to even imagine.  Despite what the ground that we are moving from has and does bring to our lives, we are moving to a place that we are excited to be able to inhabit and establish new roots, relationships, memories, and Kingdom victories.  No, the people of God didn't know exactly where God was leading them…but they knew who was leading.  That's exactly where we are…we know the Spirit is leading…we pray we will follow faithfully, joyously and expectantly! 

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