What? The pinnacle of oxymorons…

I-said-what I was driving back to my office when someone on a radio news report was commenting about an individual known in the public square.  This person apparrently is a Christ-follower but the reporter made a statement qualifying that particular identification.  I've have heard this said many many many (did I say "many") times before about many many many people – "he (or she) has a very strong Christian faith that is important in his private life…he just doesn't wear his faith on his sleeves."  I hear things like that and it drives me crazy.  Why?  Because, frankly, this is such a lie…I don't say this much because I take these things very seriously but a statement like that above is straight from the pit of hell.  Following Jesus isn't a private matter…you can't look at the scriptures and say that it can be something that you don't "wear on your sleeves"…you see, the implication of that phrase is that you can have God "in your corner" but only use your faith as some sort of private fire insurance or some sort of quasi-therapuetic pill of sorts to make you feel better or even pull it out to impress people with your spiritual stature that doesn't really mean enough to you to share it or live it.  Following Jesus is purely this – "a tree is known by its fruit"…or as John says in one of his letters, "as Jesus is so are we in the world."  This "private/doesn't wear his/her faith on their sleeves" stuff is what is demonstrating to the culture how totally irrelevant a faith journey in Christ really is for most people.  Use God when you need Him…don't be the light of the world or the salt of the earth…hide that light under a bushel…you gotta wonder what the world would have been like if the original followers of Jesus centuries ago had followed this type of cultural standard?  "Hey, my name is Peter…I have a strong personal faith but I never wear it on my sleeve."  Like I said, talk about oxymoronic! 

2 thoughts on “What? The pinnacle of oxymorons…

  1. Wow! Despite how busy you have been, you continue to amaze me with how you share your thoughts, feelings….your life with all of us who ‘follow’ you. I’m inspired and encouraged. Thanks Robin!


  2. Gal. 3:27 – “for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” (NIV)

    If you are clothed with Christ, how can you not wear Him on your sleeve? That’s like telling the world, “Why don’t you just pretend I’m naked.”


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