Distressing – Maddening – but what can we do? Our house goes “upside down”

Upside-down-house3 We had a talk with our friend the realtor last night.  He informed us, based up some 'comps' of houses in our neighborhood that we are now 'officially' upside down in our house.  You know the deal – where you owe more than your house is worth.  Now, I must tell you the story – we put down 25% on our home when we bought it 5 years ago and NEVER thought that we would face that situation.  But guess what?  It happened.  I want to thank our economy for this wonderful news.  I want to thank the leaders of our country for the outstanding leadership that enabled the housing market to not only tank but implode.  For all those loans that were given with no docs…for all those with 100% financing who walked away from the homes…for the unemployment in our country that is causing financial hardship leading to people going through forclosures…for the leaders of our nation that thought it is a basic "human right" to own a home even though you can't afford it and because of that philosophy loaded up the market with trash paper…I could go on and on.  I'm not necessarily someone I would call a "political animal"…I'm interested in it but usually don't go off "political" in blog posts.  I'm trying to have some perspective on this…but it is difficult when you get that type of news when you have prayed, saved, and attempted to be a responsible and faithful steward with the gifts of God in personal finances.  You counsel people to do finances in a God-honoring, right way and when you do it and it still kills you because of factors that are simply out-of-control, it is maddening.  So there…I got it off my chest…now on to more important things…

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