It is time to move beyond frustration to action…

Ist2_1744503-frustrationMany of you know me…I'm not really what anyone would call a "bad-tempered" person.  I am generally speaking a pretty pleasant guy.  I am positive, optimistic, upbeat and always try to look for good in the midst of even the blackest of situations. I've grown over the years though…sometimes you just have to call it as it is…NOT as you see it, but you have to deal with reality…not your perception of reality which, at times, can be shaded by worldview, mood, avoidance, or any other issue going on in your life. the hospital where my dad is staying is telling us that he needs to be released.  Why?  Wait for it…you know it is coming…you guessed it…the insurance company says they are not going to cover any more treatment.  NOW, if you have been following my blog and have been joining me in prayer regarding my father's recovery/healing, you know what journey we have been on.  But let me tell you – he is NOT ready to enter the real world yet.  He's about 20% of what we expect him to be…as a family and a medical staff, we had a treatment plan ready to go. He had, as I've mentioned in previous posts, leveled off…and leveled off NOT in a good place.  SO – though the frustration is growing and has been growing now for several weeks, it is time to move to action.  The reality is – he needs the treatment otherwise he will not only be back in the hospital sometime soon, the possibility exists he could do harm to himself once he's out.  So, the issues are clear…many of you have fought this fight.  I've fought it before…you can't trust the medical "establishment" (hey, that's a crazy 60's term) anymore…every patient needs an advocate from their family to fight for their treatment and oversee their healing.  I've been around the block before on hospital stuff…I have visited hundreds of people in hospitals over the years and I have witnessed firsthand the transformation of the medical system in our culture.  Now, instead of being patient as someone heals, you have to be in the trenches swinging for the people you love…frustrating but motivating all at the same time.  Keep praying…thanks!

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