I’m home…absolutely swamped for a day or two…so be patient!

A new blog post will be forthcoming…don't worry about that!  I haven't stopped living or thinking…but I just got home from the trip to Denver (thank you for your prayers and support) as well as a night in Yakima to speak/teach to Mt. Olive church.  Dad is still in the depth of the struggle..so I don't know how long I will be here to keep up with all the things that the Lord has placed before me.  I will be traveling to Denver when my father DOES get out of the hospital to bring him here to Boise to live for a couple of months.  Our home, believe it or not, is structured enough to provide him the highest potentiality of getting emotionally healthy again.  In addition, we have pals..good pals…who love people.  So…more to come on that…in addition, I just got some huge news yesterday.  But more on that to come as well…

For now, here's a nakedpastor.com cartoon that made me smile and say "amen"…

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