New Discipleship and Kingdom Lifestyle Resource!

Missio is a new website designed by Matt Smay and Hugh Halter (Tangible Kingdom authors, Adullam community facilitators/leaders).  It is a great resource because it provides anyone who logs in (registers, etc.) to view videos for free and get some other resources that will encouraging on the journey all of us are on to glorify the Lord through our lives, lifestyles, and faith communities.  I have watched all the videos this morning…they are excellent.  They are brief (under 10 minutes long)…simple, encouraging, challenging, and of course, uncompromisingly faithful.  Click on the image above and head over to the site.  Like I mentioned, click on the "videos" link…you will need to create a profile to view the videos…remember, every step is worth it!  Watch the videos!  That's all I can say…simple enough!  I can also suggest that you read the Tangible Kingdom and get a hold of a TK Primer and start your own "incarnational community" experiment.  Praise God for these types of resources that are available to us as we seek to be faithful to the call of Jesus!

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