Apprehensively, making my way home…

73084667_6ba91708d7 I don't know who said it…but it is true, "there is no such thing as a sure thing."  Well, I can think of some things that are sure things…but that's another story.  My apprehension comes tonight because I'm making my way home to Eagle tomorrow…no guarantees my dad is going to get healthy enough to be released from the hospital soon…no assurances that he won't have to face the bullet he dodged, more extensive and intrusive and risky therapies that would and could help "snap" him out of the depression he is in…no sure thing that I won't be back within a week or so…truth is NO sure thing.  So, I'm a bit apprehensive…do I want to get home?  YES!  I'm missing my wife, my home, my friends, my community, the things I love to do with family and friends…I want to get home and back to the life that God has blessed me with…apprehensive in the fact that I prayed for a breakthrough before I left…we have somewhat of a breakthrough but now more of a plateaus that will have to be breached and conquered before any more significant progress is acknowledged and celebrated in my dad's life.  So…I"m making my way home…on the one hand, with joy in my heart…on the other, with apprehension in my soul because I still don't know where this is headed.  Hey, I'm peeking around the corner…it looks good with no "sure thing" in the wings.  Oh well…isn't that the definition of faith?  In so many aspects of life, that's all we have!  So, with faith I entrust my father to the Lord!  

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