The first Ray of Hope…

2589259839_4415eb8b32There are times when I like the word HOPE as a noun…in other words, having HOPE as a certainty.  Hope is light at the end of a tunnel…HOPE is emergence out of a place of insecurity and threat and into a place of safety and confidence…hope is a feeling…it can be an expectation.  HOPE is a something that you can possess or grasp.  But hope can also be a verb:

hope – "to feel that something desired may happen."

In other words, hope is dynamic…it is alive in the heart, in our emotions, relationships, feelings and lives.  Truthfully, although most of us would LOVE to be able to have HOPE alive within us as a certainty (more noun-ish), the truth is that it is alive…it is something that is sometimes an experience we are celebrating…sometimes a reality that feels as illusive as chasing after the wind.  That's why I hope for hope…that's why hope is a gift…no one I know really (I mean, really) "owns" hope…hope is something that we choose to experience as a gift…it is held out to us and despite the realities around us, we look at that reality and sense or know or "hope" for something new or different or healthier or more powerful or something transformational to happen.

Well, a "ray of hope" flooded our lives today in our journey with my dad.  For the first time since he was admitted to the hospital over three weeks ago…for the first time since I've been here for just about a week – something that we have been praying and pleading with God for…as well as something that we have been challenging my dad to experience anew started to happen.  A "glimmer" of what may become…a hint of "spring"…a taste of a breakthrough.  It wasn't overly obvious but it was profound (like many gifts in relationships, sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to see/experience the gift of love)…a smile, in fact, a laugh.  A comment, "yeah Rob, I ate half of my breakfast and lunch today".  I walked into the unit at the hospital and instead of having to roust my dad out of bed, he was sitting, waiting for me.  He had been to his "group" (relational therapy) meetings…even the staff said, "it was a better day for Ron."  So, a ray of hope…a fortaste of things hope for…a desire to experience the things not yet seen.  Isn't it any wonder why hope and prayer go hand in hand…we trust in a God who is hope but brings hope to our lives.  More to come…

5 thoughts on “The first Ray of Hope…

  1. Rob
    I pray things will continue to improve for your Dad and your family. Depression is such an ugly affliction. May God fill your spirt with strenght as you press forward in this struggle.


  2. Rob
    I didn’t get a chance to finish my first comment to you. I was on my way out the door, read your blog and felt I needed to respond, (standing up)was not a good way to type.
    Anyway I also wanted you to know our first Elder’s meeting went well. Our next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 22nd. I am sure you are over-whelmed right now. I just wanted you to know so you could get with Bill Bayse and Lynn House before that, to set the tone for the future with small groups and the FCP.
    God’s Speed


  3. The problem seems to be that our “hope” is usually connected to a desire for “our way”, believing that “our way” is the “right way”.


  4. Isn’t it amazing how the little things we take for granted most of the time can be such blessings when faced with the challenges of life. Sitting up in bed…..eating a meal…..going to a group meeting……WOW! Praise God for helping Ron choose life and for the hope that is flooding through you all right now, like the warmth of a ray of sunshine that emerges from behind a cloud. It warms, energizes, and illuminates. I pray Ron will choose to see all the good in his life that is being illuninated by that hope.


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