Sad and praise-worthy moment while in Denver…

FSLO-1216089153-111153 While in Denver helping out with my father's hospitalization, my curiosity got the best of me and I drove by a church building that once housed a congregation of which I was pastor from 1991-1994 – Valley Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado.  Here's the quick story – the wheels of my life had come of in the late 80's.  That story could fill up blog posts for weeks to come…a story I won't tell in this context.  After a year of healing, prayer, counseling, and mentoring from friends, pastors, therapists and my then bishop and good friend, Wayne, I was called to lead a church that the denomination was considering closing – Valley in Denver.  I had an amazing and healing 4 years with that community of people – many of those brothers and sisters in the Lord, I credit with restoring much of my heart and spirit.  They accepted me…listened to me while I struggled…shared in many of the issues that were a natural fallout of what occurred in my life earlier as a Christ-follower and leader.  Fact is, Vicky and I were married at Valley in 1992…our kids were a part of that congregation for the years we were there.  While we were there, we were blessed and the congregation grew in spirit and numbers.  When we left in 1995 to accept a call to Good Shepherd in Irvine, California, we believed we were leaving a healthier church.  Well, this past year, the congregation "closed" with a celebration of ministry and a handing over of the property to the regional denomination.  Now, apparently, the church building is being utilized by a specialized ministry of the denomination with a specific strategy for neighborhood, ethnic ministry.  I hadn't been by the building in over 15 years…actually, since we had move in 1995…it was a moment, while a sat in my car in the parking lot, of memories, prayers of thanksgiving, and contemplation…many of those people (most of which were elderly even while I was there) have since passed away…I thought of my many friends and people who were instrumental in my life for over four  years.  Thank God for that ministry in my life…and I pray that there will be not defeat in the Kingdom because of their transition but that maybe with a new emphasis God can raise up a new beacon of life and light in that community through the people who still call Valley their faith community home…

One thought on “Sad and praise-worthy moment while in Denver…

  1. awesome story buddy! you drew me in and left me wanting to read more! thanks for sharing, I will be praying for your time with your dad


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